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  The history of electricity begins with William Gilbert, a physician who served Queen Elizabeth the first of England.     Before William Gilbert, all that was known about electricity and magnetism was that rubbing amber would attract bits of stuff to start sticking. In 1600, William Gilbert published his treatise De magnete, magneticisique corparibus (On…

  For hundreds of years, electricity has been a challenge to many scientists.   They have known about its existence but found it difficult to explain what electricity actually is. Very early in human history, people would have witnessed lightning, an obvious natural manifestation, but would have been unable to explain it. The known history of electricity goes…

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I recently attended a presentation about a solar energy, it was very interesting. Question: by which regulatory documents are governed matters regarding the installation of special equipment for the usage of a solar energy?   Bekhzod Turgunov    

Hello! I have a question - why are there power outages on the 9th block of Chilonzor district almost every day.   Dmitri Alekseev      


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